What is Non-Woven?

Thanks to the experience of the wall paper industry, it is the non-woven technology to facilitate the processes such as the main use and application of customers and manufacturers.
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What is Non-Woven?

What is Non-Woven? 1920 1080 Ankawall

Non-woven, through the experience of the wallpapers industry for centuries, is aimed at facilitating the processes such as the main use and application of customers and manufacturers. It is an innovative, composite paper type obtained by the combination of paper and paper with no harm to human health.

The technology, which has been used in textile production for centuries, has been used in paper production for the last two decades.  The paper is fibrous. The cellulose fibers in the paper are formed by bonding thin hydrogen bonds to each other. The fibers are rolled into certain widths.

Several cylindrical coils are joined together by mechanical travel of the fibers. Combined fibers are melted together and produced in certain sizes.

The most important feature of non-woven is its fibrous structure. In this way, the absorbency increases and provides ease of use and luxury in damp areas.

Easily removable as well as easy adherence to the wall, you will be able to save extra cost to your walls. Ankawall works with the best non-woven paper manufacturers in the world. Therefore, all of our products are of better quality than imported products.

What are the advantages?

  • Easily applicable and If desired, it can be easily removed without leaving any traces and deformations on the wall.
  • It has air permeability due to its composite structure.
  • Its components are soft, durable and strong.
  • It is much more valuable and beneficial.

Separator properties

  • The glue is not applied to the rear surface of the Non-Woven as it is during the application, but instead the wall to be applied is glued.
  • It is much more durable than paper, much more durable and has a much longer life.
  • Joints help to create perfect spaces by combining much more beautiful.