Everything you need to know about wallpaper
Detachable Wallpaper 1920 1080 Ankawall

Detachable Wallpaper

The detachable wallpaper feature is easily made possible with the non-woven papers used in our Picasso, Picasso Color, Four Seasons and Luna catalogs. So How Do It? You can make plenty of warm water by scraping it on the wallpaper. After a short time you will easily reach the gypsum layer of the wall. This…

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Breathable Wallpaper 1920 1080 Ankawall

Breathable Wallpaper

Breathable wallpaper is the property of non-woven papers that we use in our products. Breathability is related to the fiber structure of the non-woven. Once applied, it encapsulates damp and dusty air inside the room.  With this feature, people with asthma are more comfortable.

Paintable Wallpaper 1920 1080 Ankawall

Paintable Wallpaper

All of our paintable wallpapers are made using non-woven papers. In addition to coloration, it also adds different appearance and mobility with its embossed structure. Because a large part ceiling weight ratio of the user may be called Turkey ceiling paper. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) paints on paintable wall papers are available up to 6 times.…

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Erasable Wallpaper 1920 1080 Ankawall

Erasable Wallpaper

Erasable wallpaper feature Ankawall branded wallpaper is available in our products. Erasable wallpapers are easily cleaned after application. Even the most difficult stains you apply to your wall can be cleaned with a wet cloth, with light touches. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) printed on the wallpaper is tested in all environmental conditions. Erasable feature is applied…

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What is Non-Woven? 1920 1080 Ankawall

What is Non-Woven?

Non-woven, through the experience of the wallpapers industry for centuries, is aimed at facilitating the processes such as the main use and application of customers and manufacturers. It is an innovative, composite paper type obtained by the combination of paper and paper with no harm to human health. The technology, which has been used in…