Brand Guidelines

The Hitit Sun, reflects the civilizations and artistry of Hitits, one of the earliest civilizations in the Anatolia. We inspired by the Hitit Sun when we are creating our logo. The sunlight from the center of our symbol turned into wallpaper rolls and created our Ankawall Sun.

Logo & Icon

Ankawall’s logo consists of three elements, the icon, the logotype and the tagline. The icon, our “Ankawall Sun” can be used by itself, but the logotype and the tagline should always be used with the icon.

Do not change the size relation between icon and logotype. Our logo is available in both CMYK (print) and RGB (screen). The logo should appear prominently in all communication materials. Please do not attempt to create your own art for the Ankawall logo, icon or logotype and tagline for any application.

Download Logo from

Google Drive


Clear Space

There must always be sufficient space surrounding the Ankawall logo to avoid competition with other visual elements and to maintain its visual impact. Clear space is relative to the icon size and is equal to 50% of the icon.


Futura Pro and Helvetica Neue are great and beautiful sans serif fonts. We used Futura Pro on our logotype and Helvetica Neue for tagline.

Color Palette

The sun yellow and progressive black is our primary color palette.

The secondary color palette is mostly for use in infographics, buttons and certain types of printed matter.