About Us

Who are we?

Ankawall brand  were established by Sey Group in 2016 to create spaces where people can enjoy themselves by adding original ideas, creative solutions and innovative touches to the market.

Ankawall, working with the world’s leading suppliers to produce products and services in line with its mission, combines these with the world’s newest technologies. All processes are carried out with respect to human, nature and future.

Ankawall aims to be able to appeal to every taste thanks to its product and production diversity. It offers thousands of colors, patterns and textures and their products blended.

Today and in the future, we are working for create more aesthetic, more livable spaces.


Our company combines quality products and technical staff with perfect service, It aims to provide the analytical solution, to bring the communication and technology components together for our customers, to meet the expectations of our customers in the fastest and the desired quality. In addition, we aim to increase the value of the customer for our company by establishing an economic relationship between the value and the price of the service perceived by the customer.


Our company, which sets out with the principles of customer focus, reliability, impartiality, responsibility, accessibility and self-sacrifice, has adopted the principle of providing project, manufacturing and engineering services to all our customers by offering new technologies, supporting individual and corporate development and being a name sought in the sector.

Quality Policy

Out basic principle are providing that country interests are at forefront, reaching your customers with reasonable cost and superior quality level, increasing Our competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets, keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level without compromising on quality in a systematic and planned manner to provide services and products in accordance with national and international laws and regulations, ensuring the training of staff on quality management, to ensure the development of our quality management system with the uınderstanding continuous improvements.